Bibimbap | Beans for Me, Beef for Him

June 5 2013

This is my new favorite go-to recipe. It’s simple to have the meat option for my hubby and the ingredients are easy enough to put together or improvise with. A lot of the ingredients in the Korean BBQ sauce are specialty items and can be difficult to find, but I’ve included some simple substitutions in case you live in the middle of nowhere (like most of my family in Wisconsin). You can even use your favorite BBQ sauce and it would still taste delicious. Not too many notes on this. Mainly, just keep your egg over easy as the yolk makes a creamy ‘sauce’ over the rice. (more…)

French Country Inspiration Shoot Food Deliciousness

June 1 2013


Recently, I did an inspiration shoot for my other facet of photography.  This french country shoot took place where I live in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana and featured some pretty darn delicious food, so I wanted to share the tastiness with you.  You may recognize this radish sandwich from a previous recipe but we tweaked a smidgen. (more…)

Raspberry Brie and Pepper Jelly Crepe

May 27 2013


Crepes are one of my all-time favorite indulgences.  I received my crepe recipe back in my middle school years when I did a summer cooking course, and it remains one of my favorites.  I don’t have too many tricks or tips for making crepes.  Mainly, don’t over-mix the batter, it can become chewy (much like pancakes).  You should stop mixing the ingredients before all the small lumps of flour dissolve.  Letting the batter rest briefly before cooking will allow a process called Fick’s Law (thank you food science professors!) to do it’s thing.  Pretty much, resting the batter mixture allows the flour to absorb the liquids in the batter and causes them to plump up, giving your batter a thicker and smoother consistency.  You are welcome to skip the resting step, but the consistency will be slightly different.  My second tip is to use a crepe pan.  This pan has a very flat bottom that will help to keep your crepe from being thicker on the edges and cook more evenly.  It is not necessary, but is helpful when trying to produce consistent, thin crepes.  Anywho, enjoy all the scrumptiousness and bon appetit! (more…)

Fig Gorgonzola and Honey Tartine

January 24 2013

fig tartines | Fig and Pickles

I found this recipe on Tartelette (one of my all time favorite food blogs) and had to give it a try.  I am a huge fan of figs, obviously, and had just been to France where they were absolutely divine.

I don’t have a ton of notes on this recipe.  I’m usually not a huge fan of blue cheeses, but there is not a ton of it on each slice and the flavors all balance so well that I really don’t mind it.  These were delicious at room temp, so I recommend serving them that way and not hot out of the oven.  Figs can hold on to heat a bit, so it’s easier eating at room temp as well.  Also, Tartelette recommends this gluten-free french bread recipe that I have yet to try, but it has amazing reviews.

Enjoy!  And definitely go check out Tartelette for some yummy recipes. (more…)

Roasted Balsamic Pear or Plum Sandwich with Arugula Walnut Pesto

September 3 2012

balsamic pear sandwich

Well, wedding season is in full swing which means that my food blog gets neglected.  Anywho, I did this recipe earlier in the summer but it is hands down my favorite sandwich on the planet.  Amazing with both pears or plums.  It’s a perfect, savory, juicy, crunchy blend.  That is to. die. for.  I’m not going to chat much as my recipe gives lots of direction, but feel free to watch the little video here, as well, for a play by play of building the sandwich.  Bon appetit.  So yummy. (more…)

Lemon Curd Tart with Berries | gluten-free

July 11 2012

Lemon Curd Tart

So, if you haven’t noticed already, I love trying to make some of my favorite non gfree dishes and desserts into gfree ones.  I feel that there is no reason not to enjoy the niceties in life because of gluten.  Hence this wonderfully delicious lemon curd tart with an almond crust.  This recipe is straight forward and really doesn’t need any adjustments.  Just make sure it has plenty of time to cool.  It’s easy enough to make the thou could whip it up in the morning if you have guests coming for dinner and it will be perfect for the party.  Bon appetit! (more…)

Herb Butter Radish Sandwich | Community Supported Agriculture aka CSA Food Fun

June 29 2012

radish sandwich

I never used to be a huge radish fan, but now I love.  Enter this sandwich and the beginning of my new found radish obsession.  Is there really any way to go wrong with a pile of herbs, garlic, butter (always), and radishes?  I think not.

Let me give you a background on the beginnings of this recipe.  You see, I have never been a lover of root vegetables.  Almost all of them, besides carrots, I never developed a taste for.  So, then a couple weeks ago, we were asked to watch Mable and Ibis (two of my favorite dogs to sit for) while friends headed back to the humid midwest for just over a week.  Along with the dogs, I was brought a box of delicious veggies from the community supported agriculture, aka CSA, they are a part of called Western Montana Growers Cooperative.  Lo and behold, there in the brightly colored box of greens was a single bunch of radishes.  I’m not big on tossing food, even if I don’t like it.  Therefore, the birth of this recipe and my like of radishes!

As always, a few notes:
– CSAs are amazing.  I am going to join the one mentioned above as I am always running around on the weekends for weddings and don’t find time for the farmer’s market.  With the move, I have not been able to get a garden in this year, either, so this will be especially nice.  And it supports my local growers!
-As with any recipe I ever post, most of this is to taste.  I love (seriously have a strange addiction) to chives, so I added a mess more than what my recipe calls for and also feel free to cut back on the tarragon a little.  I love tarragon, and the radish can put up a fight with its strong flavor.

Bon appétit! (more…)

Vanilla Lemon Cake | Gluten-free and Amazing

May 30 2012

Vanilla Lemon Cake

Hiya!  I know, it’s been forever but I have a good reason…moving!  Oh how I loathe thee.  Moving means lots of time packing up (and yes, most of the boxes are from the kitchen), driving to a new state, unpacking the massive amounts of kitchen stuff, then lots of quick and easy dinners as the unpacking process takes over my life, and to finish it off, a lot of waiting for internet to be installed.  Lo and behold, I am now a Montanian, have my kitchen stuff in it’s designated spots, and have internet.

So, to kick off my hopefully extended stay in Montana, I wanting to share the most amazing gluten free cake recipe of all time.  I really can’t get over it.  A photog friend of mine (Meg from Easy Dreamer Photography) and I decided to whip up some gluten free yummies (an amazing lemon tart is on the schedule for tomorrow) for a little photo session of me cooking.  Hence the four pics that I got once the cake was already finished.  I really didn’t have many substitutes and changes to this recipe except the addition of some lemon to lighten up the cake a bit.  Oh, and I promise to have some actual entrees soon.  I know it’s been a lot of sweets…’tis the season apparently.  Enjoy! (more…)